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Every season: Generations Portraits

I love to photograph the happy times.

The tear in the eye of the groom as he catches the first glimpse of his bride when she comes down the aisle.

The first days with fresh new babies, with all of life's possibilities alive in the air.

The years watching children grow and blossom year after year.

But these are not the only seasons in our lives that are beautiful and deserve to be remembered.

My work as a photographer and as an advocate for older adults, caregivers, and those with dementia has overlapped for the last 8 years. This overlap has grown into an organic meshing of these two passions.

Generations Portraits are about celebrating all of the seasons of life, from beginning to end and all of the space between.

These sessions bring together families for a time to escape the rush of life and breathe, pause, and reconnect. When they look at these photographs, I hope they see the smiles and recall the time spent with one another - stories told, laughter shared, and time together.

Whether family is in town for a visit, there's a special occasion, or it's time to start planning for the future - this professional, compassionate portrait session will create lasting memories for future generations.

In order to make everyone as comfortable as possible, sessions can be held in your home, retirement community, park, beach, hospital, or wherever is most natural and appropriate.

I invite you to take a look at some of these Generations Portraits and to celebrate lives well lived in any season.

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