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Charleston Meals on Wheels

Yesterday was my second Meals on Wheels ride-along with Charleston Area Senior Citizens - Meals on Wheels of Charleston volunteer, Sammy. There are no words for what the volunteers for this program bring to their clients - so much more than a meal.

They bring a smile, they ask about family, they talk about the news, life, the weather...they just show up. Many times they are the only people who do for the entire day.

Sammy's clients light up when they hear him knocking and more than a couple of ladies wanted to know when he was going to take them out on the town. And on his way out as he calls to them, "see you tomorrow!" I know that it brings them hope.

We encountered some clients that were chair bound, some that were clearly lonely, one that was totally blind, and one that we didn't get to see, but who's daughter told us that hopsice was there and he may not need to visit again after today.

The experience just reignited my drive to make this year's Lowcountry Senior Network Holiday Harvest Gala a huge success to continue to bring a meal and some hope to these and the hundreds of people on the waiting list in Charleston. Please help us in caring for them!

Tickets are now on sale at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/holiday-harvest-gala-2017-tickets-36801198375

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